Your belief is your future


Believe in yourself and the future happens….. the future is yours !
It is so often conditioned to us that everything that happens is for the best. If we fail or pass, if we win or lose if we are cheated or we cheat others, can we still leave it to fate? I believe nothing can be left to fate. If we want something, it is only we who can go out to get it. If we wish to things around us, we have to start with ourselves. It is only then that the change will be seen in our surroundings.
You start with belief. The belief that you have the power within you to make the changes you want. The belief that you can change things that are negative in your life, not giving you desired results. The belief that you can whatever you want in your life. This belief has to be pure, untainted without any doubt whatsoever. Crystal clear, lucid it is there unshakeable and strong. With a belief like this, there is clarity also in goals, in direction, in achievements and deep down knowing that you deserve what is yours. The universe has so much to give. Believe that what you are doing is right and change your future. It is possible. You might face some roadblocks, but nothing that you cannot overcome.
Believe that you are having a bright future, successful in every way and see… see how your future unfolds. When good things happen it amazes us sometimes wondering how come our stars are shining so bright. Well, what if it was not the stars but the belief growing in you. Believe that you are made for the best and would want to get the best of things done and see how the best of things will come your way. Make your future by believing in yourself. Invest in yourself now.

Manju Mohinani Patil


Count your blessings

As you focus on the positive, the positive aspects in your life expand. Start counting your blessings TODAY.……and you will be counting…..and counting……
My mind is very selfish at times I have realised. Sometimes it functions at such a simple level that there is total clarity. On the other hand, sometimes it seems to be so dense that I have trouble comprehending what’s going on. There are so many things in the day I handle and keep pushing further and further. Every time that I have consciously positively worked, I have had amazing results. Things that I thought will not take place have taken place and made me sit up in surprise. There is nothing like being positive. It has been very challenging for me to stand in a long line to pay the electricity bill when only 15 minutes are left for the counter to be shut for the day. Or to smile and go for a job interview when I have heard of a candidate already being selected from within the organization. The worse is when I go to a sale I have heard about just on the last day and still expect certain popular items to be there. But does that mean that I am not positive? I am positive and optimistic as well.
Every time I come home with something new after a tiring but fruitful day, I have bowed my head and thanked the universe. I feel truly blessed that I have been able to first all have the capacity to spend, go out and do my thing and come back with a smile on my face. But the tricky part happens when I may not come home successful. Even then, after my initial grumbling I make it a point to calm down and am grateful for the blessings that I receive. The moment you do that, you open a portal for all blessings to be received continuously. If gratitude and humility can make a difference then counting your blessings will also. If you feel that yes, you are being looked after and that you get your help whenever you need it, then there will be people coming to you every time from any nook and corner to help you. Open your mind and heart to that feeling.
It is so lovely to feel loved, blessed and cared for from within. When you think such strong intense and happy thoughts, then you multiply them and increase your connect to the universe. The universe recognises your thoughts and gives you more, multiplied. The universe is very generous as it gives you what you ask for, the positive or negative. So why not ask for what makes you happy and fills your heart?

–  Manju Mohinani Patil

Comparison stems from dissatisfaction

Why do we compare? I have stopped myself from comparing myself to someone thinner or younger than me. Why do I do that? I think it is because somewhere, her being thinner than me makes me feel dissatisfied. Her being taller makes me feel dissatisfied with my height. Being pretty level- headed, the moment a random comparison has taken place, I shackleshave made the effort to stop myself then and there and ask myself why am I comparing and I have been always surprised with the answers myself tells me. It is the bitter truth difficult to digest, but the moment I get in touch with it and know why I compare, I can stop the comparison and feel better.
There are so many of us who compare themselves with others. We even take it a notch higher and compare our children, our houses and other materialistic things. We have the best and we still compare ourselves and our things and our relationships. We compare and compare and compare. The only simple reason that I can think of is because somewhere we are not satisfied with where we are or what we do. Those who wish to reach out a hand and pull others up will not compare but guide or talk. My neighbor in Delhi always wanted to have a one up on her next door neighbor when she was in Haryana. So, even if there was no need for another washing machine, double door fridge, another car, and a house re-vamp it was all done. Only as she always compared herself to that neighbor and fell inferior. She herself had given the neighbor the power to feel superior. It was only when she got things that the neighbor had, did she rise in her own eyes. This can be a very sorry state to be in especially when it leads you to be in debt up to your eye balls.
Keep your heart open and feel secure from within. The moment there is self security and belief in oneself and love for oneself, the dissatisfaction will start disappearing and the comparison will also.
You can spot a difference in the healthy light hearted comparisons. They are easier and better to deal with than the ones that go deep down and hurt the core. I remember the lesson we were taught about a child demanding a better pair of shoes seeing his friend’s until his mother showed him a child having no proper feet to wear shoes in the first place. Comparison starts from a very early age. Children compare books, stickers, games, clothes, food, colours, hair styles, cars and even moms and dads right from school. It is up to us as parents to categorically be open and honest to them telling them why there is no room for comparison in the house. Making children secure and loved and special in their own way can lessen the comparison. But if we are going to try and bridge the gap by buying things to make them feel better, somewhere we do agree with them that there is a gap that needs to be covered.
Rather than spending so much of money, just spending some time and energy with your child proving to him that he is special and nothing materialistic can make a difference will curb his habit to compare.

Decoding The Secret To Tarot


Decoding The Secret To Tarot

How will I get abundance in life? Will I achieve all my goals? To whom do I share my deepest feelings? What if I’m not good enough? Will I ever find love? What will he/she look like?

Do you often find yourself on the fence struggling to answer all these questions? It’s like there’s an inevitable rollercoaster inside your brain that only goes up with confusion and chatter.  That’s what the Tarot can aid you with. Tarot can answer all these questions. To put it in the simplest words, it is your personal guide to health, relationships, love, career, spiritual growth and development.

How does it work?

Many tarot readers and tarot artists  dramatize the concept of tarot simply because it is less-known and comes out as a mystic form of divination that not many people can master. But let me break it to you, that’s false! Anybody who has a deep urge to learn tarot, can learn tarot! The only rule for learning tarot is that there are no rules.  Think of it as the little messages you keep getting from your inner-self every now and then.  Those are messages sent to you from the universe. Similarly, tarot acts as a mediator between you and the universe. The messages are signs, signals,  warnings, pathways ahead into the future.

The standard  Tarot deck comprises of 72 cards. 22 of which belong to the Major Arcana (The dominant cards) and 56 belong to the minor arcana . Each of these cards are specifically assigned with different meanings, suited for different phases of your life. Tarot guides you towards resolving your issues and self-discovery.

When I was learning to read tarot cards back in 1990’s, I specifically started writing down tarot meanings that most resonated with me and inked them in to my tarot journal.  Over the years, my understanding of the tarot cards evolved  and I started feeling a personal connection with each card.

What you really need to remember is to have fun while you’re doing a reading! Treat the cards like your very own friends, they’re here to help you get through life and manifest your desires.

What can be achieved on being a professional Tarot Card Reader?

  • Reach your fullest potential by aligning your goals to your soul purpose
  • Manifest your goals with Tarot
  • Master the art of visualizationwith the Tarot cards to bring your dreams to life

Read the cards from the heart, not just by the book.

– Manju Mohinani Patil


Celebrate today as your birthday

There are some people who are hoarders. They hoard for a better day, brighter day and for a time when they may need then what they have now. But they do tend to forget that in order to live your dream then, you deprive yourself of a better now. We all should be living life everyday as it is the best day. It is the best day when you were born to recognise your purpose in life and then walk down that road.

Everyday can be like a birthday, special and memorable. It is unfortunate that there are some who live such stressed lives that even forget their own birthdays or are not aware of them. Birthdays are special. It is about joy and happiness.Everyday can be special. Decide on doing one new thing everyday which is special for you. At the end of the week imagine how many special things you have done and filed away. Multiply this by the number of months and years. You have a bank full of special things done. We can start small, one tiny thing at a time. You can feel happy to be born and walk this earth every day. You can feel special because you have the freedom to do what you like, go where you want to and be surrounded by people who love you so much.

It took me a while to come to terms and understand that yes I was special too. I know people who get depressed on their birthdays, because they look back and feel that they have achieved nothing. There is no one on this earth who has achieved nothing. It is only a matter of degrees. Once we learn to recognise what we have achieved, we will realise how special we are. Feeling special does not have to be about big things. Pampering yourself in small ways is feeling special. Taking time out for yourself and doing something you like is feeling special. Helping someone who needs help is feeling special in one’s own way. Feeling special is feeling good and happy. Do what makes you happy every day. Going for a movie that you like all by yourself, is different. We have forgotten how to love our self as we are so busy trying to love others and hold on to them. When we love ourselves from within and feel that we are special people, others will also feel the same way about us.

Today I understand that I am special and I live every day for myself and others. This is a tough journey. At times we have time for ourselves and at times we do not. But it is very essential to keep time out for ourselves. The specific ‘ME’ time. When we spend time only with ourselves and use it to the fullest, we feel good about ourselves and have feelings of self-worth. Feeling good comes from within so it needs to be worked on. Special things happen to special people. Let us all think we are special and welcome special things in our lives now.

  • Manju Mohinani Patil

Women choose money or passion?

Money, passion, work –these words enhance a fierce sense of independence, freedom and wellness. It quenches an inner sense of satisfaction and importance in a woman. Some decades ago, a woman terminated her career and professional life post marriage or pregnancy. Today women continue their career after marriage and some years of child rearing. They may find themselves lost as life moves ahead depending on the time-lapse between leaving and rejoining their job. This can create huge complexes and insecurities in most women.  In such cases it is best to take time to :

Decide on their renewed goals in life.

Accept the importance of finances and

Have complete clarity on which one plays a larger role – the finances or choice of profession.

Often we have heard women say that they wish to start working. They look out for a job, start a business, and get into the professional work culture. But due to lack of knowhow most of these desires are buried or are half-baked conversations over coffee. ‘I want to do something, but don’t know what to do?’ ‘I am excellent at so many fields, how do I choose which one to take at a professional level?’

This is an important stage because it reflects your, intent, direction and the ultimate goal. If the goal is primarily money, passion or interest then takes second place.  You may be in a high paying job but one that does nothing much to bring a smile from within.  Once you have narrowed down on what you wish to do, the next step is to chalk out the practicalities, plans and benefits.  Your passion and intent will pull work towards you, which in turn will bring success in your life.

If you are confused and find it difficult to decide, these are a few simple questions you could ask yourself in solitude:

Do I feel happy doing this?

Do I feel joyful doing this day after day, month after month in the years so come?

Would I choose to do this even if I were not paid for it?

Is this work going to benefit people / community/ world?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to these questions, then congratulations, you have found your passion.

When your focus is on money, then the quality of work, sooner or later gets affected. On the other hand as you focus on work and what you enjoy doing, you are able to feel joy and satisfaction. Productivity increases and your work naturally is of a superior quality. Your clients are satisfied and so are you. As a ripple effect, this will attract more work……. And the income flows effortlessly towards you. Independence, freedom, security all follow seamlessly. As you keep the focus on impact, the income will surely flow.

Income follows impact.

  • Manju Mohinani Patil



Tarot, Angels & Mystic World

Tarot Pic

Another batch ends, the curtain falls as another Tarot workshop comes to an end. Every group of participants has been different and has their own story to tell. I have come to realize that these workshops are an excellent source to dissipate myths and enlighten the participants. They saw that Tarot brought out the most simplest and practical solutions to the most complicated questions. The zest and zeal showed by the participants was commendable, especially one gentleman who is a practicing astrologer. It is amazing to see how the participants connected with the cards and each one showcased their talent. As the participants worked deeper with the cards, a great amount of insight was also reflected in the readings. This is a learning experience that will always stay with them.