Thank you



dg-thanksThank you to all for the over whelming response at the dessert Garden. We had a lot of fun connecting with so many individual beings through Tarot, Astrology, and fortune cookies. Thank you for all those who visited and made our indulgence sweeter! Here’s to more such festivals and experiences to come!

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11-11: Make a wish!


Happy 11-11 to you all! Today is a very important day for us all to wish and pray for peace considering the political climate changes leading to a lot of upsetting feelings and concerns. Inspite of all this chaos, yet the tarot keeps showing me signs of optimism. Remember that The Star’s blessings thrive and grow at the toughest times but that also needs faith. The Star is here to tell you that even though we are all in a difficult position, the celestial energies are in each of your favor with the getaway of 1111 opening today. Please look at the The Star carefully, make a wish, and hold it’s image in your mind. YOU are this star. You have the ability to make all your wishes come true, light the world with your spark and convert your positive energy into physical reality.

Count your blessings

As you focus on the positive, the positive aspects in your life expand. Start counting your blessings TODAY.……and you will be counting…..and counting……
My mind is very selfish at times I have realised. Sometimes it functions at such a simple level that there is total clarity. On the other hand, sometimes it seems to be so dense that I have trouble comprehending what’s going on. There are so many things in the day I handle and keep pushing further and further. Every time that I have consciously positively worked, I have had amazing results. Things that I thought will not take place have taken place and made me sit up in surprise. There is nothing like being positive. It has been very challenging for me to stand in a long line to pay the electricity bill when only 15 minutes are left for the counter to be shut for the day. Or to smile and go for a job interview when I have heard of a candidate already being selected from within the organization. The worse is when I go to a sale I have heard about just on the last day and still expect certain popular items to be there. But does that mean that I am not positive? I am positive and optimistic as well.
Every time I come home with something new after a tiring but fruitful day, I have bowed my head and thanked the universe. I feel truly blessed that I have been able to first all have the capacity to spend, go out and do my thing and come back with a smile on my face. But the tricky part happens when I may not come home successful. Even then, after my initial grumbling I make it a point to calm down and am grateful for the blessings that I receive. The moment you do that, you open a portal for all blessings to be received continuously. If gratitude and humility can make a difference then counting your blessings will also. If you feel that yes, you are being looked after and that you get your help whenever you need it, then there will be people coming to you every time from any nook and corner to help you. Open your mind and heart to that feeling.
It is so lovely to feel loved, blessed and cared for from within. When you think such strong intense and happy thoughts, then you multiply them and increase your connect to the universe. The universe recognises your thoughts and gives you more, multiplied. The universe is very generous as it gives you what you ask for, the positive or negative. So why not ask for what makes you happy and fills your heart?

–  Manju Mohinani Patil

Gratitude for the SUN

Good Morning.

Let me share a morning ritual with you that I have been doing for several years now. Yet, every new day, I am amazed by the power it has to energise me in those few seconds for the rest of my day. Such is the positive power of the rising sun.  With the rising sun is the start and expanding of a new day.  This is given to all of us equally- without any bars, boundaries or distinctions.

When I wake up every morning, I look at the rising Sun, and feel its gentle warmth greeting me.  With a gratefulness in my heart, I stretch my arms open and say aloud three little words thrice – YES, YES, YES.

YES to a brand new day,       YES to myself being healthy, whole and complete,    YES to life itself.

Welcome to a new day.