Dump the ‘waiting ‘

Time to dump the “waiting “.
When nobody else celebrates You, learn to celebrate Yourself.
When nobody else compliments You, then compliment Yourself.
It’s not upto other people to keep You encouraged. It’s upto You…
Self – love, Self respect, Self- approval and Self-worth does not make You selfish…..

Have a great day.


Comparison stems from dissatisfaction

Why do we compare? I have stopped myself from comparing myself to someone thinner or younger than me. Why do I do that? I think it is because somewhere, her being thinner than me makes me feel dissatisfied. Her being taller makes me feel dissatisfied with my height. Being pretty level- headed, the moment a random comparison has taken place, I shackleshave made the effort to stop myself then and there and ask myself why am I comparing and I have been always surprised with the answers myself tells me. It is the bitter truth difficult to digest, but the moment I get in touch with it and know why I compare, I can stop the comparison and feel better.
There are so many of us who compare themselves with others. We even take it a notch higher and compare our children, our houses and other materialistic things. We have the best and we still compare ourselves and our things and our relationships. We compare and compare and compare. The only simple reason that I can think of is because somewhere we are not satisfied with where we are or what we do. Those who wish to reach out a hand and pull others up will not compare but guide or talk. My neighbor in Delhi always wanted to have a one up on her next door neighbor when she was in Haryana. So, even if there was no need for another washing machine, double door fridge, another car, and a house re-vamp it was all done. Only as she always compared herself to that neighbor and fell inferior. She herself had given the neighbor the power to feel superior. It was only when she got things that the neighbor had, did she rise in her own eyes. This can be a very sorry state to be in especially when it leads you to be in debt up to your eye balls.
Keep your heart open and feel secure from within. The moment there is self security and belief in oneself and love for oneself, the dissatisfaction will start disappearing and the comparison will also.
You can spot a difference in the healthy light hearted comparisons. They are easier and better to deal with than the ones that go deep down and hurt the core. I remember the lesson we were taught about a child demanding a better pair of shoes seeing his friend’s until his mother showed him a child having no proper feet to wear shoes in the first place. Comparison starts from a very early age. Children compare books, stickers, games, clothes, food, colours, hair styles, cars and even moms and dads right from school. It is up to us as parents to categorically be open and honest to them telling them why there is no room for comparison in the house. Making children secure and loved and special in their own way can lessen the comparison. But if we are going to try and bridge the gap by buying things to make them feel better, somewhere we do agree with them that there is a gap that needs to be covered.
Rather than spending so much of money, just spending some time and energy with your child proving to him that he is special and nothing materialistic can make a difference will curb his habit to compare.