Dump the ‘waiting ‘

Time to dump the “waiting “.
When nobody else celebrates You, learn to celebrate Yourself.
When nobody else compliments You, then compliment Yourself.
It’s not upto other people to keep You encouraged. It’s upto You…
Self – love, Self respect, Self- approval and Self-worth does not make You selfish…..

Have a great day.


11-11: Make a wish!


Happy 11-11 to you all! Today is a very important day for us all to wish and pray for peace considering the political climate changes leading to a lot of upsetting feelings and concerns. Inspite of all this chaos, yet the tarot keeps showing me signs of optimism. Remember that The Star’s blessings thrive and grow at the toughest times but that also needs faith. The Star is here to tell you that even though we are all in a difficult position, the celestial energies are in each of your favor with the getaway of 1111 opening today. Please look at the The Star carefully, make a wish, and hold it’s image in your mind. YOU are this star. You have the ability to make all your wishes come true, light the world with your spark and convert your positive energy into physical reality.

Joy of Gardening

Good Morning ,

I have always wondered why we, living in apartments , cannot have a garden patch and our own kitchen garden plants. On several occasions I have tried my hand (not so green thumbs) at urban gardening.  A month ago, I stumbled upon an advertisement on urban gardening in a local newspaper. I went for the workshop and since then have been consistent in tending to my lovely baby plants.  The results……..I had some delicious Spinach theplas for breakfast this morning.  The theplas were yummy , but more than that is the joy and contentment I felt of having grown the vegetables myself right from the start to the harvest. Cooking and eating. This is soul food.


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