Dump the ‘waiting ‘

Time to dump the “waiting “.
When nobody else celebrates You, learn to celebrate Yourself.
When nobody else compliments You, then compliment Yourself.
It’s not upto other people to keep You encouraged. It’s upto You…
Self – love, Self respect, Self- approval and Self-worth does not make You selfish…..

Have a great day.


Fidelity is not a matter of opportunity, it is a decision you make.


The world is full of choices. Choices of what you wish to do or not to do. There are some choices which are easier to make and some not so easy. But, yes there is always a choice. Even when we turn around and say that we have no choice, that too,is a choice.
Relationships hold a different meaning today than they were a few years ago. Being true to a partner today for many holds a different meaning than what it meant some years back. The difference between fidelity and infidelity actually is not in the environment or the relationship but in the mind. Many people have confided in me telling me of the times when they felt this strong attraction against the other person, how fate put them together, how they happened to meet outside their marriage and well, sparks flew and things happened. I have heard about it being the ambiance, the environment, the people around, the stress, the situation, nature, fate, children and friends being many reasons for looking out or at out of a marriage for someone else. But where does it all start? It’s all about the choices you make for yourself.
Today fidelity or infidelity is a decision that is made and is not an opportunity as many believe it to be so. There are many opportunities that will always come your way, but the ones to choose or discard will ultimately be your decision. Loyalty and faithfulness are consciously acted upon. Everyone has been tempted and one can always find various reasons to look outside their present relationship.
When we are secure and contented within, then fidelity is a natural flow in a relationship.

-Manju Mohinani Patil

Sunday Gardening

Sunday was interesting, relaxing and introspective. Gardening has always been an activity that brings me great joy and inner peace. I re potted some plants that had to be shifted to bigger pots. The rest, I dug up the soil around and loosened the surface, removed clumps of soil and watered where required. I felt proud to see the growth and small stems on the path of flowering and in due course of time – vegetables. I thought to myself, isn’t this how the journey of our life progresses too. We remove issues that are not required in our lives. We dig up certain past instances, so that we can work them out and let them go. Then we add in our love, faith, confidence and belief which work to give better results. Finally we water it with our intent, dedication and positivity.
As my hands worked the soil, I settled in a comfortable inner space – A space of peace and contentment. Gardening helps to alleviate feelings of agitation, stress and other such emotions. It is therapeutic and instils a sense of serenity.
My Sunday ended with a feeling of all being well within and in my external world.
sunday gardening