02 March Tarot for the day
A dream come true – Today’s a positive day – not just to wish, but to work towards your dreams and making them come true. With positive and new opportunities, perhaps even connections, you might feel more confident about yourself and your surroundings. So keep going at it, you got this!dream-come-true


The Career card reveal


Your career messages revealed!
What message did you get? How did it resonate with you? Comment below and tag a friend who needs a career message today!
1). 3 of spades – As you might be having difficulties at work or coping up with it, it is very important for you to acknowledge your emotions. Maybe you made a decision you are not happy about, maybe you’re facing negative blocks at work or struggling with deadlines, during this tough time, you should see pain as a learning opportunity. Challenges remain but once they are no longer perceived as negative or bad, they lose a lot of their impact. You have the ability to conquer anything that comes your way, therefore your next step is to take it all in, and show them who’s the boss!
2). 3 of clubs – Your plans are now well underway and you are starting to consider even more opportunities to expand your current plans. More such opportunities wait at your door in the form of study, travel, business, or learning. You need to become more aware of them as there may be more opportunities standing out for you than you are aware of. Your next step is to concentrate, cooperate, and remain open-minded. It’s time to think BIG!
3). Queen of clubs – Your work is proof that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Due to your outgoing nature and charismatic personality, you’re able to blend in confidently with your co-workers and are full of ideas that you’re ready to share and implement with others. However, it is important for you to stay in the grind and not get carried away by your own charisma. Your next step is to hold you place in the chain of command and respect the hierarchy. Restrain yourself and be loyal to your higher-ups. Stick to your helm, even though you might be motivated by a strong dedication. Perform in good faith and whatever you desire will come.

career card spread


Choose and reveal! Choose the card that you are drawn to from left to right (1,2,and 3) and the cards will reveal the next step you should take in your career. I will be putting up the reveal later today, so keep an eye on this space. Comment below the number you are drawn to and don’t forget to tag a friend who needs a career message today!

The cards reveal

img-20161106-wa0013Reveal from  yesterday’s post! What message did you get? How did it resonate with you? Comment below and tag a friend who needs clarity in their relationship today!

  • 1). (Left) Radiant love – You feel love’s sacred flame burn within your heart. You or a lover will realize the essence of true love, and because of that your love may be eternal.

2). (Right) Pure Devotion – You will feel love light and illuminate your life when new love appears or is rekindled. You may meanwhile struggle forgetting a memory or someone you were truly attached to. There is an opportunity to create an unknown spice in your love or even find a new lover. In contrast to misery, love will appear even brighter.

3). (Center) Captured heart – This card shows that there’s some kind of clarity missing in the relationship. The relationship you’re in is either selfish or not adding the value in your life that it needs to. Either you should talk to your partner about being more present or start doing so yourself. Both of your mutual understanding and cooperation will lead to a fruitful relationship.

If you’re ashamed of your past, you’ll hardly be proud of your future.


As I go through life, there are so many things that I want to do. My actions at each stage of life, I believe are based on so many different factors. But am I responsible for my actions or is it the others that have to bear that cross. Some of our actions make us successful and bring about a positive change in our life and some bring about a negative. We often tend to look back and feel just as good about the past as we feel ashamed. There are some incidents we are proud of and some which make us feel ashamed. There are incidents that still come to my mind.
People who have come up the hard way sometimes are uncomfortable talking about their past. They somewhere tend to forget that it is this past that has made them and be what they are. There is a feeling to alienate oneself from the previous surroundings and look towards the bright future only. Maybe a question at this point needs to be asked. If our past embarrasses us, how will we be able to be proud about our future? Every phase of life is a learning experience and it is up to us what to make of such an experience. If we are in a position to look at the positive side of every experience, we have no need to feel ashamed at all. There are so many examples of people being bus conductors, delivery boys, sales girls, ticket checkers who have climbed the pinnacle of success today. It is their then surrounding that further gave rise to their need to taste success. A foundation that is built in difficult times can rarely be weak. When we feel ashamed, we are feeling ashamed with a part of ourselves. Completion leads to achievement. When we have come to terms, accepted and are complete with the past. Then miraculously the doors of rewards, success and good fortune open up to you.

– Manju Mohinani Patil

Your belief is your future


Believe in yourself and the future happens….. the future is yours !
It is so often conditioned to us that everything that happens is for the best. If we fail or pass, if we win or lose if we are cheated or we cheat others, can we still leave it to fate? I believe nothing can be left to fate. If we want something, it is only we who can go out to get it. If we wish to things around us, we have to start with ourselves. It is only then that the change will be seen in our surroundings.
You start with belief. The belief that you have the power within you to make the changes you want. The belief that you can change things that are negative in your life, not giving you desired results. The belief that you can whatever you want in your life. This belief has to be pure, untainted without any doubt whatsoever. Crystal clear, lucid it is there unshakeable and strong. With a belief like this, there is clarity also in goals, in direction, in achievements and deep down knowing that you deserve what is yours. The universe has so much to give. Believe that what you are doing is right and change your future. It is possible. You might face some roadblocks, but nothing that you cannot overcome.
Believe that you are having a bright future, successful in every way and see… see how your future unfolds. When good things happen it amazes us sometimes wondering how come our stars are shining so bright. Well, what if it was not the stars but the belief growing in you. Believe that you are made for the best and would want to get the best of things done and see how the best of things will come your way. Make your future by believing in yourself. Invest in yourself now.

Manju Mohinani Patil

Comparison stems from dissatisfaction

Why do we compare? I have stopped myself from comparing myself to someone thinner or younger than me. Why do I do that? I think it is because somewhere, her being thinner than me makes me feel dissatisfied. Her being taller makes me feel dissatisfied with my height. Being pretty level- headed, the moment a random comparison has taken place, I shackleshave made the effort to stop myself then and there and ask myself why am I comparing and I have been always surprised with the answers myself tells me. It is the bitter truth difficult to digest, but the moment I get in touch with it and know why I compare, I can stop the comparison and feel better.
There are so many of us who compare themselves with others. We even take it a notch higher and compare our children, our houses and other materialistic things. We have the best and we still compare ourselves and our things and our relationships. We compare and compare and compare. The only simple reason that I can think of is because somewhere we are not satisfied with where we are or what we do. Those who wish to reach out a hand and pull others up will not compare but guide or talk. My neighbor in Delhi always wanted to have a one up on her next door neighbor when she was in Haryana. So, even if there was no need for another washing machine, double door fridge, another car, and a house re-vamp it was all done. Only as she always compared herself to that neighbor and fell inferior. She herself had given the neighbor the power to feel superior. It was only when she got things that the neighbor had, did she rise in her own eyes. This can be a very sorry state to be in especially when it leads you to be in debt up to your eye balls.
Keep your heart open and feel secure from within. The moment there is self security and belief in oneself and love for oneself, the dissatisfaction will start disappearing and the comparison will also.
You can spot a difference in the healthy light hearted comparisons. They are easier and better to deal with than the ones that go deep down and hurt the core. I remember the lesson we were taught about a child demanding a better pair of shoes seeing his friend’s until his mother showed him a child having no proper feet to wear shoes in the first place. Comparison starts from a very early age. Children compare books, stickers, games, clothes, food, colours, hair styles, cars and even moms and dads right from school. It is up to us as parents to categorically be open and honest to them telling them why there is no room for comparison in the house. Making children secure and loved and special in their own way can lessen the comparison. But if we are going to try and bridge the gap by buying things to make them feel better, somewhere we do agree with them that there is a gap that needs to be covered.
Rather than spending so much of money, just spending some time and energy with your child proving to him that he is special and nothing materialistic can make a difference will curb his habit to compare.