About divination

manju-tarotWe as curious humans have always looked for answers to mysteries. What is our purpose of being here? What does the future hold? Can we change it? There’s an archeological explanation to it that humans are bound to have such deep thoughts and quests and some kind of form of divination is used to support this quest. Divination gives insight to the future. Through various tools like tarot cards, fortune-telling cards, astrology, scrying, crystal ball reading, cowrie shells reading, runes, and coffee readings, solutions to problems, answers to unanswered questions, guidance and help can be found. Any form of divination used is aimed to give relief, assistance and aid the querrant to resolve issues and problems which need to be resolved. In India, fortune telling, astrology, leaf readings are very common forms of divination methods practiced. On the other hand, tarot card and angel card readings are one of the most common and widely used divination methods.

How divination works?

Divination often tends to get associated with religion rather than fortune-telling. There are some people who feel so attuned to god that they seem to get divine messages from them. People who practice the way of God and have dedicated their life to that path also fall under being blessed by the Divine and seem to attain divinity of some kind.

In ancient times, sages and hermits practiced various forms of divination especially when they were living far from each other and wanted to know what was going on in another gurukul. Meditation and learning yoga kriyas were their tools of divination. Divination was something that they learned or acquired with their penances, their holistic and simple lifestyle. Today divination is learnt by many and practiced at a professional level. Different people connect to different divination tools and then go forward to specialise in that specific area of expertise.

Today divination has become more popular due to the digital information age. A lot of people think it’s some kind of mysticism no one will comprehend, but the truth is, in order to master the art of divination the only thing you need to believe in is your intuition. Divination is an excellent way to stimulate your intuition in order to think outside the box about problems that logic can’t handle The question that comes to mind then is, “Who can practice divination?” Anyone who is intuitive and has the interest can learn. Astrology is one scientific divination branch that gets passed on from generation to generation. As a family tradition, these people learn the art and spend their entire lifetime practising this art. There are many people who have an interest in learning anything that helps them to deal with problems and forewarns them about dangers. The word Divination has always had a sense of mysticism attached to it. Anything that goes beyond the ordinary and is way above the normal brings about a sense of awe and respect. There are some who blindly follow anything that is said to them in the name of divination. There are most who will think it through.

If your let your beliefs approach divination with an open mind, it will work for you, because intuitive reception depends on being open. Through divination systems, we have been gifted with symbolic languages to interpret divine will. The symbols and archetypes that form the heart of all divination systems represent the dynamics of human life, including social and political interaction. Because it uses the language of archetypes, divination becomes more than a meditation technique. It can provide insights, timely advice and directions from the divine.

The coming few articles will focus on details of common divination methods practiced today.Until then, believe in yourselves and embrace the beautiful journey of self-discovery!

If this blog helped you in any way, please comment below on how it resonated with you. We’d love to know all about the progress you made through this powerful tool. If you need any more help or have suggestions to make, we’re always ears!

Over To You!

– Manju Mohinani Patil

Choose a love card for your relationship


It’s Choose and Reveal day!  Where are you in your relationship right now? Take time to clear your mind, choose and comment below the card you’re most drawn to. (from left to right) The cards will reveal the position of your current relationship with your partner and how it is affecting you. I will be posting the reveal tomorrow so keep a check on this space. Please do not forget to tag your partner and/or someone you think needs clarity in their relationship in the comments below.

Decoding The Secret To Tarot


Decoding The Secret To Tarot

How will I get abundance in life? Will I achieve all my goals? To whom do I share my deepest feelings? What if I’m not good enough? Will I ever find love? What will he/she look like?

Do you often find yourself on the fence struggling to answer all these questions? It’s like there’s an inevitable rollercoaster inside your brain that only goes up with confusion and chatter.  That’s what the Tarot can aid you with. Tarot can answer all these questions. To put it in the simplest words, it is your personal guide to health, relationships, love, career, spiritual growth and development.

How does it work?

Many tarot readers and tarot artists  dramatize the concept of tarot simply because it is less-known and comes out as a mystic form of divination that not many people can master. But let me break it to you, that’s false! Anybody who has a deep urge to learn tarot, can learn tarot! The only rule for learning tarot is that there are no rules.  Think of it as the little messages you keep getting from your inner-self every now and then.  Those are messages sent to you from the universe. Similarly, tarot acts as a mediator between you and the universe. The messages are signs, signals,  warnings, pathways ahead into the future.

The standard  Tarot deck comprises of 72 cards. 22 of which belong to the Major Arcana (The dominant cards) and 56 belong to the minor arcana . Each of these cards are specifically assigned with different meanings, suited for different phases of your life. Tarot guides you towards resolving your issues and self-discovery.

When I was learning to read tarot cards back in 1990’s, I specifically started writing down tarot meanings that most resonated with me and inked them in to my tarot journal.  Over the years, my understanding of the tarot cards evolved  and I started feeling a personal connection with each card.

What you really need to remember is to have fun while you’re doing a reading! Treat the cards like your very own friends, they’re here to help you get through life and manifest your desires.

What can be achieved on being a professional Tarot Card Reader?

  • Reach your fullest potential by aligning your goals to your soul purpose
  • Manifest your goals with Tarot
  • Master the art of visualizationwith the Tarot cards to bring your dreams to life

Read the cards from the heart, not just by the book.

– Manju Mohinani Patil